The history of photography

The Historical Photographer presents the history of photography through demonstrations of old techniques and equipment, Through talks, activities and shows.

Since 2010 Alex Burnham has been practicing a verity of photographic techniques ranging from the earliest form of photography right the way up to the advent of digital cameras, using both original and replica equipment from as far back as the Victorian era. His displays and talks cover Photography from its earliest days in 1839 and for the next 100 years of photographic History. This period includes Victorian, Edwardian, both world war 1 and 2 plus the intervening years.

Alex Burnham

Alex Burnham is a Historian who specialises in the public understanding of History, By presenting talks and demonstrations on a variety of historical topics he tries to help everyone, of all ages and prior knowledge, get more out of History.

Alex has written history books, presented history events, appeared on historical TV documentaries and worked with all manner of historians on a range of topics.

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