As the Historic Photographer, Alex Burnham teaches the fascinating story of photography in a variety of different ways, and with a variety of different focuses.


Alex practices a whole host of old photographic process, from some of the earliest forms of photography through plate and film right up to digital of the present day.  These different processes can be used to teach, not just about photography itself, but also about the social times in which they emerged and how photography has had such an impact on the world in the last almost 180 years.



Sometimes the Historic photographer will specialise in a particular period or process, other times it is in the wider story but always it is History as told by the camera.


Talks, demonstrations, live events, books, consultancy and photography itself, the Historic Photographer tries to use all these tools to teach something of the History in a way that all can understand.


Of particular interest to Alex is Wet Collodion photography of the Victorian period, War photography and photographers through the ages, Aerial photography, Photography in the age of Antarctic exploration plus historic equipment, especially cameras, that show how the technology has changed.


For more detailed information on what Alex, the Historic Photographer can offer check out his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts, or contact him via email